My name is Kamil Kmita. I currently hold a position of Research Assistant at Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, where I work on my PhD project in BIPOLAR project.


I would describe myself as a statistician and a data scientist with a primary focus on healthcare data analysis:

  • a statistician, because I studied Mathematical Statistics and worked as a Senior Statistician in the pharmaceutical industry,
  • a data scientist, because I worked as a Data Scientist in the consulting solving business problems. I still have this problem-solving attitude and believe that the analytical tools serve to resolve a specific problem (that often needs to be framed first).

These two terms interleave in my opinion, but still represent different roots. Anyway, my favourite quotation and motto says it all:

“Statistics is more a way of thinking or reasoning than a bunch of prescriptions for beating data to elicit answers.”
     Radhakrishna Rao, C., Statistics And Truth: Putting Chance To Work, World      Scientific, 1997

current activity

Having worked in the business for a couple of years, I decided to start my academic career. A couple of things I work on/enjoy:

  • accountig for label uncertainty in statistical modeling,
  • fuzzy clustering,
  • programming in Python,
  • problem of health status prediction in monitoring mental disorders such as bipolar disorder,
  • writing scientific articles.